[Mockup] Windows Phone 8 Notification Center


So, this is App Switcher. Notice at the top, that asterisk? That means there are unseen notifications in Not. Center. It is visible when we swipe from top of the screen.

Arrow underneath apps and above first, newest notification present switching to N.C. You can also swipe up for same functionality.

Also, I straighten WiFi icon, several people that are tech savvy and unaware with WP8 think it is RSS icon.


This is actual N.C. Arrow changes to oposite and brings us back to App Switcher. Status bar gets very slight darker background on app thumbnail for better visibility.

Every notification has time stamp on right side. Trash can icon clears all notifications and returns us to App Switcher.


I think App Switcher could be renamed to Action Center or something similar because of it's expanded features. Also, it is accesible from any app and does not force user to learn new gestures and go through new learning curve.

Please, comment, give some advices, feel free to modify my mockups to see do you have even better ideas.

I know some elements are a bit offset and lower quality but this was made in Paint.NET + I'm a noob.