I think Microsoft hates me

Aka "Microsoft refuses to take my money because I was born in the wrong country" Seriously, this is crazy. Every time I want to buy something from MS, I run into trouble.

First, I wanted to buy a Surface Pro. But shit (HOLY SHIT 8.1 STOP AUTOCORRECTING 'SHIT'), they aren't sold in Russia. Well that's not too awful, I order one from EBay. It's all cool, right?

Next up, to completely link my soul to this company I buy a Windows Phone, and decide to learn developing apps for it. There was this huge discount for Windows Store developer accounts, so I decided to get one. I punch in my card number, and get a mysterious error that my card didn't work. However it did charge a dollar to test the card. Then I tried again, and 9 attempts later MS locked away 9 dollars from me. 2 hours (and 4 dollars) with MS support later, I finally manage to register with a friend's card. And just to make things worse MS made the discount permanent.

Now I decided to buy Office 365. I go to the site, and suddenly it tells me I'm from the US. Even though my MS account says Russia. I talk to MS support, and they say that my country is set wrong, and that buying a retail Office 365 box would take care of that. I buy the box, put in the code and get a yet another error. I talk to MS support yet again, and they have nothing to say, and said that they'll get back to me within 10 business days. So now I have paid $60 for 25 random symbols that don't do shit.

This is making me sad. I just wanna be a good Microsoft shill, why won't they let me?