The Verge, please introduce a phablet category.

We need a phablet category,

I think above 5.2 inches of display, we are in phablet territory, which is a different category of device. Not a smartphone anymore, not a tablet yet... A phablet.

The Note2, Note3 are being used a lot by companies to also replace a notebook, phone and GPS. This are not smartphones. I see service technicians use them more and more, also to get signatures from their clients.

Makes no sense to compare a Note3 with a iPhone5S, they serve different tasks.

There are also enough devices to call it its own market segment. Note, One max etc. Apple missed this one, but it is a real big market.

So please, 'The Verge', create the category and separate these devices from tablets and smartphones.

If you belive in Android, please support me with quick replies to convince 'The Verge' to be the first to recognize the phablet segment officially!