With almost all major journalist against them, Microsoft still wins and by a massive margin

With Microsoft's incredible user base and bundled services. The impact of windows 8.1 will be biblical.

First off let me be clear, this is not a matter of being "optimistic". These are simple facts.

1) Windows 8 has now been refined, simply put "windows has arrived and also placed themselves miles ahead of Google and apple in terms of software and hardware innovation

2) The windows 8.1 line up is a technological masterpiece

Separate and apart from windows 8.1 being a joy to use. Microsoft has an ace up their sleeves and that ace is Intel, always has been. Hitting price points as low as 199 on a x86 based tablet with great battery life, USB and Hdmi. This my friends is a recipe for profound success.

Now lets be clear, xp users are now just fully migrating. Microsoft will end support and I also promise you that they will ensure that things go wrong on those systems. Finding a windows 7 machine is as hard to find as a needle in a haystack

The antitrust lawsuit should've lasted 5 more years. This is the only way this company can be stopped.

I will say this definitively. After Christmas 2013, between windows 8.1 and the Xbox One, the sales will do all the talking.