Ecosystem again (not trolling, I promise)

I really like the reviews and scores from The Verge reviews - in general. Great layout, beatiful pictures, conclusions, score as a number, useful information from a "regular user's" point of view.

I also understand that every review is "subjective". Everyone is different - with different needs, preferences, ... And that's perfectly fine.

What is more, it's understandable that different devices aims at different customers, so even same review category (ecosystem for example) can be rated differently.

But this time, I totally can't understand the score of 8 for Kindle Fire ecosystem - especially with comparision to other devices/ecosystems.

Nexus 7 (2013) got 8 - with full Play Store, great services (gmail, drive, calendar, keep, now, youtube, etc...), browser where you can stream content, apps (Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, etc...).

Surface RT got 4 (very low score) for ecosystem - with Office, services like SkyDrive, Outlook, OneNote, Calendar, Bing News, Weather, Finance, Sport, with some quality 3rd party apps in the store and full-blown browser with ability to stream the content directly from major services.

Kindle has mediocre 1st party apps, little quality 3rd party apps (no Play Store, Kindle Store lacks quality apps), no good clients for Google/Microsoft/Apple services. It's only about media consuption from Amazon. And only in US / GB. In other countries, Kindle is literally crap. No content, no support.

Thats "incredible"? Now ecosystem is all about the media content? On Nexus 7 or Surface RT you can consume almost all content from Amazon plus MUCH MORE.

David's reply was:

Ecosystem isn’t just apps. The HDX succeeds wildly as a content play, but it doesn’t have the apps it needs. For a device like this, always intended for content, we give it a little more weight for content — but apps still really matter.

Liitle more? 8 for ecosystem suggest that it's all about the media ocntent, because Kindle Fire has nothing more to offer when it comes to "ecosystem" (whatever it means now). Surface is more "intended for productivity", so you guys should "give a little more weight" for services and software (Office, OneNote, Outlook, SkyDrive, file management, remote desktop, security). Apps really matter? So why it's 8 with basicly no productivity apps in store?

PS: No offence David, I really like your reviews. I just need some clarification and more consistency. And please, no flame wars and personal remarks in this thread! Just your thoughts and suggestions.