Surface 2 and the new iPad (Apple's advantage)

First of all: I own Surface RT (and iPad 3 - a gift) and I will order Surface 2 soon. Great device. I'm a big fan.

What concerns me are the limitations of the rate of introducing new hardware and software by Microsoft. Surface uses 3rd party SoC, Windows RT waits so long for 8.1 update because full Windows 8.1 has to be ready and optimized for all OEMs. Because of that, Surface 2 on the day one will have good, but not great/excellent specs. Of course Tegra 4 is the latest-gen, best what we can have for now, but...

...iPad 5 will probably have really powerful, 64-bit processor and it is possible because Apple is designing it by themselves. What is more, iPad will probably be thinner (7,5 mm), lighter and with smaller bezels. I can hear these reviews: "Surface is again one year behind iPad" - and it will be partially true. Sadly.

I know it's definitely not all about the specs, but specs ARE important. If Surface Mini is HD only in 2014 and iPad Mini is Retina in 2013, Surface mini will be DOA.

If Microsoft is serious about Surface on ARM and Windows RT (abandoned by all OEMs), they should start designing their own ARM SoC or have Surface-exclusive line of SoC from nvidia / Qualcomm to ensure perfect timing / release cycle. What is more, now when Win RT is only for Surface, uptates and new versions of RT OS should be released at its own pace - faster than regular x86 Windows. I think it is the only way to keep up with the iPad.

What do you think?