Android 4.4 and Chromecast

Bar the recent Hulu plus update, things have been very quiet on the Chromecast front ever since Koushik Dutta's AllCast app was blocked following an OTA update of the device, after which Google published a statement saying the SDK isn't yet finished and that 3rd party development and accessibility is expected to pick up once the SDK is released into the wild (sorry for the long sentence).

But when is Google going to release it? It's been two months of painstaking silence.

At the same time, Android and Google fans are eagerly awaiting the 4.4 KitKat release and Nexus 4/5 announcement. Can we expect to see a release of the Chromecast SDK along with the release of KitKat?

One of my main expectations for 4.4 is to see some deep integration of the Chromecast service. Screen mirroring is badly needed. At least give us tab casting in Chrome for Android + integrated streaming of local content like video files, pictures, music files etc through the Gallery and Google Play Music apps (requires GPM to start supporting playback of local media). And should none of this happen, at least allow people like Mr Dutta to work his magic and share his amazing programming abilities with the rest of us mortals.

Google Chromecast has the potential to be such a wonderfully useful device. I just hope Google doesn't allow itself to be held back by the big players like Netflix and Hulu demanding that Google keeps things tied down and restricted to "force" people to use their services. TBH, I'd keep using Netflix for the same things as I do today even if screen mirroring/local media streaming became available - it would serve totally different purposes.
After all, it's the openness of Google and its products that's attracted myself and so many others to it, but it also means it's what we've come to expect from the company. I just hope Google doesn't let us down!

TL;DR - Will Google release the long awaited Chromecast SDK with Android 4.4, and what can we expect in terms of Chromecast integration with 4.4 (screen mirroring, tab casting, local media streaming etc)?