I have a samsung android device (s3 mini). For the price (135 euros at vodafone, no contract. Portugal) it was a great deal, before the iphone 4s was there for 220 euros. Anyway...

After a few minutes the lag and the amount of vodafone/samsung apps and services was unbearable. I quickly installed a new ROM (Dmod) via ODIN. You know the drill.

However, I had an heart attack when I found that there was no official Cmod for my device. I mean, I had Cmod on my xperia x10 mini pro, so I never thought of that possibility. Of course, someone was building an unofficial version and despite being very buggy until a few months ago, it is ok now.

I really like the google experience (google services, the "look" and google apps) and love stock android, it's a great platform (I just like Apple much more on the high end and own a mac), so I really like Cmod, since it is as close to stock as I can get.

My question is: How do we know if something official from them will come? Once they work on 4.3 or kitkak, do I have to wait a lot because there's only an unofficial (only one guy or 2 working on it, most likely) version of it?