Note 3 Tiny Screen Mode, Would You Use This?

Android Beat is reporting that the Galaxy Note 3 has a "tiny screen mode" for one-handed use. It shrinks the interface to a window of itself and allows you to reposition and resize that window (typically in the lower-left or lower-right corners). The Galaxy Gear certainly seems like an attempt to take many common "one-handed" tasks and put them on your wrists, though the reviews have not been very positive on that. But taken in context, it seems that Samsung is trying to to make the larger smartphone appealing to smartphone users who currently prefer smaller phones or they are trying to provide some conveniences to those who prefer larger smartphones.



So if you prefer a smaller smartphone, do you think the Galaxy Gear or "Tiny Screen Mode" would be things that would get you to consider a larger smartphone like the Galaxy Note 3?

If you prefer a larger smartphone, do you think you would use the Galaxy Gear or "Tiny Screen Mode" in some cases for convenience?

For as much as Samsung is pushing larger screens on smartphones it seems that they are making some efforts to mitigate the drawbacks, I just don't know if these efforts are being well received or just being watched with interest. Personally, I am in the "watching with interest' camp.