Would you buy an iPhone (5S) if it run stock Android?

Straight up question.
You pick up the phone in the beautiful Apple package, open the box and once you pick the device and turn it on... boom. Google logo and everything, just like on a Nexus device. Stock Android.

Personally, I think I'd struggle with the 4" screen and the 1560mAh battery would probably suck, but otherwise I'd love to give it a go. Fantastic hardware and sexy look.

Just one thing: since you need to stick with the hardware, let's say that the Touch ID can work as a capacitive back button when you just place the finger on it, and as a regular home button with one click. Double click to multitask, long "press" on the capacitive key for the menu to show up and long button-press for Google Now.
As bad as it is... consider this as the stock setup.

Would you buy it?