The music you'll never hear on the radio

As a techie, one of the biggest stereotypes that I must face has generally been associated with the choice of music that I listen to. At my company, if you venture on up to our IT mancave, you are instantly greeted by two harmonious speakers pumping out music. On the right side, which happens to be my boss, you hear music that is generally regarded as "techno." For those of you that listen to it a little more in depth, what my boss listens to is actually House. Some commonly known hits are blended with a higher BPM and repetitive and simplistic synths in the background. Bass is more prominent, and the urge to tap your feet along is difficult to withstand.

On the left side, which happens to be where I sit, there is a fast-paced beat with the sound of a drum and a bit of bass, but it is a unique beat. It doesn't make you want to tap your feet, but rather sit back and relax and study the sounds that are coming from the background as the song progresses. Two genres of music lumped into techno, but are different by a longshot.

I listen to a genre of music known as Atmosphere. It is a combination of drum and bass and trance, which is a unique version of House. Rather than focusing on the beat of the music or the lyrics, it focuses more on the background sounds and puts you in a state of relaxation. I can remember my addiction of electronic music such as atmosphere or drum and bass started when I would hear it in games like Need for Speed 2 or High Stakes. It is difficult trying to explain this music, because it only appeals to a certain breed of people, which happens to include myself. Regardless, whenever someone makes their way upstairs who listens to mainstream anything on the radio, they generally make a comment asking me what kind of "white noise" I am listening to.

What kind of music do you listen to that is labelled as "weird" or makes someone ask you "how the heck can you listen to that crap?" Am I the only one that finds sound more appealing in music than lyrics?

Just for an example as to what Atmosphere is, here is one of my favorite tracks (and one that I'm currently listening to.) Most tracks like this start out with a pretty basic beat, and the rest comes as it progresses. A similar genre would be progressive trance.

Intersperse - True (via FirstBaller)