How Google is forcing me to abandon their ecosystem

I live in Mexico City and I've been using Google products for a long time, I even considered buying a Chromebook Pixel to install Linux on it (I ended buying a Macbook Air instead though), and I've spent a respectable amount of money on Google's Play Store.

My current smartphone runs Android as the did the one before it. I use PayPal constantly, I've used the App Store many times, the PS Store, Amazon, I'm subscribed to Spotify and Netflix. All without any hassle.

However, recently Google Wallet picked me "randomly" to confirm my identity, they asked for my ID and some utility bills or bank statements, both of which of course I'm perfectly capable of providing, so I did. Much to my surprise they said those documents were not enough, that I had to provide them with an american address, and not any american address, they specifically asked for a postal code that corresponds to NYC.

I've tried on 5 different occasions to explain to them that I don't live in NYC and therefore I'm unable to provide such documents, that my credit card is mexican and all the purchases I've done at the Play Store were in my local currency on my local store. But there's no coherent answer from Google Wallet's customer support, which continues to simply reply to me with the same pre-written response every time.

Google's customer service is legendary for being an absolute piece of shit, but I never expected to be begging a company to buy stuff from them. Because of this I will switch to iOS, since Apple (and all other companies) happily receive my money.

Update: Just got off the phone, no solution so far, although I've been promised to get an answer by e-mail soon, I don't have high hopes, the e-mail support has been so far useless, although the person I spoke with said he would personally check the case from time to time (which I'm sure is a lie, but one can dream). I find it absurd that I had to call a support team in another country to get any help, what if I didn't speak English? Fuck me?. The only other time I had to confirm my identity was with PayPal (which is part of the regular process as far as I understand, I get paid through that medium), I first called them when the account wasn't allowed to transfer any more money to my bank account and in 5 to 10 minutes it was solved (not to mention it was local customer support). I had to deal with the guarantee of my SGS4 with Telcel (carrier) last week (they fixed it, took their time and they gave me a pretty bad phone while I waited, but otherwise there were no problems), they are rated here as the big company with the worst customer support of the nation... and is way better than Google Wallet's customer support.