October 22 Apple Event predictions

0-10mins - Tim Cook: numbers + ios7 phenomenal success

10-15mins - Phil Schiller: refreshed rMBP line

-Haswell processors, faster SSD, wifi ac support, improved Facetime camera

-available today, same pricing or -~100$

-silent mac mini update & non-retina MacbookPro update

15-35mins – Software updates

-Craig: quick summary of Mavericks, available today, free for all new macs, 19,99$ for the rest

-Updated iWork & iWork in the Cloud – Demo -> free with every new Mac

35-45mins - Mac Pro

-Phil is back on stage, specs, availability & pricing

45-60mins – iPad 5

-new design, A7X, improved cameras, starting from 32gb + possibly TouchID
-same prices(499$~), available Nov 1, ipad 2&4 are gone
-iPad 5 Ad

60-75mins – iPad Mini

-Retina Display, A6X, Touch Id, 399$

-Keep the old ipad mini at 299$

75-85mins – "One more thing.."

-Demo Logitech’s ios7 controllers
-slightly improved Apple TV for better gaming

85-88mins – Tim: We’re just getting started; expect a lot more in 2014.


I could be completely off, tell me what you think :)