Windows 8.1 : Where are the haters?

Finally I got a chance to try out the new Microsoft's baby. I was worried for the fact that I may not get a chance to use it since I was running Windows 8 SL. But luckily, I finally received my update.

Coming back to point, I mainly had 2 issues with usability of Windows 8 and surprisingly both of them have been fixed with Windows 8!!

1. The upper right hot corner: I used to find it very hard to close apps by clicking on the close button of window, due to this annoying upper right hot corner. Every time I take my mouse to that top right corner and slightly move it, the charms bar would show up.

But it looks like, the option to exclusively disable the upper right corner was designed for me and I am glad that they actually did it. Yay!

2. The broken App scenario: With Windows 8.1 I guess Microsoft have provided a clean solution to this metro app launching problem. On Windows 8, when we close down a metro app, the operating system used to take me back to start screen. This appeared broken because whenever I open up the start screen from desktop, launch from start screen, close an app I am expected to reach back to where I started from, which in this case is desktop.

I have no hesitation now in saying, the start screen is a true replacement for my start menu. Since all the functionality I ever needed on my start menu is available in a much better way in 8.1. Plus having metro app on start menu is an add on.

Surprisingly, more refreshing is, I am yet to find those articles bashing 8.1 on the internet from MS haters. Is this a positive sign that people & reviewers are actually finding Windows 8.1 pretty good?