LG G2: your thoughts


The other I was wandering through the phone section of my tech shop, and saw the G2. Screen, etc, I know it is excellent, and I also saw that it was relatively cheap (549€, at least cheaper than other high-end smartphones).

So I have a few questions to ask to YOU, G2 owner !

1. How about the software ? I'm not quite into skeuomorphic design and all, I prefer some nice and clean icons, but does the interface really bother you ?

2. Performance and battery life. Does it often have some bugs, crashes or slowing downs ? And for the battery life, does it hold through a whole day with 3G (we do not have 4G in Belgium) and Wi-Fi on? I'm not a really big user, but I send some texts, play a bit of Candy Crush, browse the internet and Facebook push notifications. Having a Sony Xperia S currently, this kind of use can last approximately a half-day, with a lot of crashes...

3. LG features: are they useful? I know I could use some Slide Aside, but what do you think about other ones?

4. Android updates: how does LG react to Android OS updates? Fast, slow, never happening, tell me ! Again, I give up on Sony. In 18 months with my XS, I had 3 buggy updates and that was all, so I guess this could never get worse.

Thank you for your answers !

PS: I know Nexus 5 is right around the corner, but living in Belgium we cannot buy devices from the Play Store, and having to ask a friend in France to buy is quite boring, but I could get through it. The other concern I have is about battery life, will it be as good as the G2, considering it will most likely have a 2300 mAh cell.