I’ve been using the Surface Pro ever since it came out, but as much as I want to I’ve never been able to use it as my laptop replacement. It’s powerful and impressive, but it’s just too limited as a laptop, and too chunky as a tablet. I use tablets for long periods of the day, and I regularly work on my lap with a real keyboard, so a hybrid laptop and tablet sounds like a perfect solution. The Surface Pro wasn’t it. The battery doesn’t last long enough for tablet use, and it’s not comfortable to use as a laptop in my lap.

Nine months after introducing the first device, Microsoft is back — it knows my problems, and says it’s solved them. The Surface Pro 2 promises 75 percent more battery life, improved lap use, faster performance, and more, smarter accessories. Microsoft's second refreshed attempt to blend beauty and power into the perfect Windows 8 machine sets you back $899. That’s a small price to pay — if this is the laptop I’ve been waiting for.