“At the office” has become a nebulous term in my life. I’ve been “at the office” in coffeeshops, libraries, planes, taxis, bars, and one time from my seat during the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Work takes place at random hours, in random places; I spend a lot of time on Saturday nights looking for somewhere in a bar to stash my MacBook Air in case something crazy happens. I’m also stashing my iPad, too, because it also goes everywhere with me — it’s how I pass the time waiting for people, how I play Ridiculous Fishing during commercials, how I get any reading done at all.

Microsoft’s Surface 2 turns the entire contents of my backpack into one device. It’s mostly a tablet, a light and slim device that’s great for reading, watching movies, or surfing the web. But when it’s business time, the Surface 2 steps up. With a keyboard attachment, a full version of Office, and everything else Windows 8.1 offers, it’s equally suited to watching Scandal and taking over the world.

That’s what last year’s Surface promised too, though, and it ran into some serious issues. It didn’t work well on your lap, it had serious performance problems, and it turns out tablets and laptops are more different than we thought.

But that’s all beside the point. The point is this: it’s Thursday night, I’m sitting in a bar, and there’s both a football game I want to watch and a review I have to write. Surface 2, let’s do this.