Does 1080p actually drain significant battery?

The argument of 720p vs 1080p on phones is definitely an indicator that it's 2013. There's definitely a difference - the S3 to S4 jump is incredible, but that might just be because pentile displays benefit more from resolution increases due to their (poor) pixel arrangement. Which is definitely more argument for 1080p since most phones these days are going AMOLED for battery reasons - I'll definitely miss the LCD action of the HTC One, Lumia 920, etc... those were by far the best screens :(. The Moto X has an amoled screen that would also definitely benefit from 1080, but at what cost? How much better would the HTC One's battery life be if it had 720p?

720p vs. 1080p?


And at what screen size?

How much battery lost?

Sometimes, I wish 900p existed as they do for many computers as the intermediary between 1080p and 1366x768.