If only most PC/Console games were on Tablets

I could understand why most console/PC titles are not on our iPhones, Androids, etc. but how about tablets? I know some tablets may not be able to handle all the graphics and too many people would complain about how the controls are too tap & not push, but still. There are some of us who just wants to sit down, grab our iPad (Nexus, Surface, etc) and play something besides Cut the Rope & Angry Birds. Something with a more unique storyline and awesome graphics.

Imagine, playing Team Fortress 2 or Half Life 2 on your iPad. Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies on your Nexus 10. Playing Halo 4 on your Surface. Playing Gran Turismo on your Galaxy Tab. I might be hoping for this, because we are getting close. If you're still not sole to touching and tapping on your tablet games, it's okay. With stuff like the Wii U GamePad, Wikipad, Razer Edge, Archos GamePad and hooking up your Xbox 360 Controller to your surface, you can enjoy console quality games. (PC Gamer? Don't worry, we got that covered: Razer SwitchBlade).

If only.