Calling out The Verge on Surface 2 battery life

So i read the Surface review and made one comment on it but one thing i left from the review is Verge's battery test. According to David Pierce, the battery life was between 6 and 7 hours of typical use. We were supposed to take his word right? Then i glanced at the reviews of CNET, Engadget and to make certain Anantech and here is what i got. Engadget - 13 hours CNET - 11.5 hours Anantech - 10 hours. I even checked Wired's review and it's unanimous, every is reporting great battery life.I mean is the Verge saying that in their review they got almost 3 hours of battery life less that the 3rd best battery life on that list? I mean should battery life test not be fairly objective or is it also subjective like how plastic on phones is disliked here? I mean there is no way i am believing Surface Pro 2 has a better battery life than Surface 2, it's a ridiculous claim. David Pierce even went on to say the Surface 2 last him through the day and sometimes 2 days so where is the 6 or 7 hours of use coming from? Time to stop giving the Verge a pass and make them do a professional job in these reviews.