Dell XPS 15 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Hi, I'm looking for high-res laptop and those two are the candidates I like.

I prefer Yoga's keyboard (I love big arrow, for Word and Coding) while for XPS, I like that dedicated graphic card. That's basically two factors that cause my dilemma.

My use case is coding, photoshop, a little of Illustrator, and bit of gaming (Dota 2).

My current laptop is 2.5-years, i3, and without graphic card. But it can run all the software above even though quite slow. On gaming, I must use lowest setting.

So my questions are:

  • Is Intel HD 4400 much better than my current Intel HM67 Express Chipset?
  • What about Intel HD 4400 vs Nvidia GeForce GT 750M, is it like miles above?
  • Has anyone transition from big-arrow keyboard to small-arrow? Do you miss it or easily pass through it?
  • Thanks a lot