36 hour countdown: Retina Mini Poll

OK guys, I published a longer post here on the possibilities for a Retina iPad Mini (price, timing, availability, power...) and there were some very interesting replies. But since the Retina Mini is still such an unknown quantity on so many levels, I want to use this post for your last-minute predictions. Four simple questions for you, and multiple choice answers:

1. Which SoC will it have?

A) A5X

B) A6

C) A6X

D) A7

E) A7X

2. What will be the base price for the Retina Mini?

A) $329/£269 (i.e. same as current 16GB base model)

B) $429/£349 (i.e. same as current 32GB model)

C) $499/£399 (i.e. new entry tier sitting between non-Retina Mini and the full sized iPad)

D) (Other)

3. TouchID?

A) Yes

B) No

4. Will the non-Retina Mini stick around, and if so at what price?

A) Yes (same price)

B) Yes (at a discount, perhaps around $279/£219)

C) No

For myself, I'm going 1D, 2B, 3B, 4B. IE an A7 powered Retina Mini at $429/£349, without TouchID, and the non-Retina moving down to around $279/£219.