The review is FAIR.

For me? It would be 8.2-9.0. For David/Verge it is 7.2 ( = more than "7 - Very good. A solid product with some flaws.", but not yet "8 - Excellent. A superb product with minor flaws."). Fine, I understand.

The video and the content? Positive in general with some negative remarks. Very personal, individual (David's use case), but still FAIR on a technical level.

What I don't like about the review:

  • Unconsistent way of measuring battery life (What is 65% brightness? Flash enabled or disabled?).
  • Ecosystem score. If Kindle Fire is 8, Surface should be at least at the same level. SkyDrive, Xbox exclusives, Office, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, ... the list is VERY long.
  • "I’m also stashing my iPad, too, because it also goes everywhere with me — it’s how I pass the time waiting for people, how I play Ridiculous Fishing during commercials, how I get any reading done at all." So you expected second iPad. Surface is not an iPad, sorry. iPad doesn't have Halo, but I wouldnt say: "but I can’t use a tablet that doesn’t have the apps I want" - your review is not all about you.
  • "It’s not a great tablet — it’s too big" - your iPad is thicker than Surface and about same size in other dimensions. And nobody complains.
  • "But there are still two devices in my backpack: my laptop and my tablet. Neither one is a Surface 2." Ok, It's your preference. Not everyone's else.
  • "I don’t blame Rdio or Simplenote for not making apps. But until they do, I can’t tell anyone to buy a Surface 2." But wait... not everyone use Rdio or Simplenote...
  • "Since Office isn’t touch-optimized..." It is, but still not perfect.
  • "Why does the desktop stll exist" - because it has perfect and powerful file manager for mouse input. Only one reason.
  • "Awkward hardware for any use case" What? Awkward as a tablet? It's basically an iPad form factor. Awkward at the desk?!
  • Design score. Totally subjective, but 7?!

PS: Will be deleted probably.