Hand position while driving

This article the other day reminded me of a topic I think about every once in a while:

How do you place your hands while driving? At what position(s) on the wheel? One-handed, two-handed, depends on the situation? What were you taught vs. what you actually do?

Personally I usually put my hands at around the 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions (maybe a bit wider), but I often drive with only my left hand (in the US, so left hand side drive).

When I went through drivers ed about 7 years ago, I was taught that keeping your hands low on the steering wheel helped avoid injuring your arms with an airbag deployment, but this seemed like a relatively new idea at the time, and I was also taught that the "normal" 10 and 2 positions were fine. Similarly I was taught to never cross your arms in front of the wheel while turning to avoid the unwanted smashing of your arms into your face. Was anyone else ever taught similar things regarding this?

Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiosity.