Beyond Apps: Simplenote

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share with you an App that I've been using for the past three weeks that's really changed the way that I take notes and write down other creative work. For a while I've relied on Evernote for my cloud-based text needs. It does the job, but it's really a heavier application that I enjoy for note-taking in class rather than note-taking for personal reasons. As a musician and writer I like to jot down any ideas or thoughts or even just record a quick journal about something particular. I find that Evernote hasn't always been good at this. When using Evernote I find that having a Notebook pre-dedicated to any type of note I feel like taking feels forced and unattractive for creative use.

On the other hand there's Simplenote. It's a light, minimalistic, and syncs over the cloud with my MacBook and iOS devices. The single best thing about it is that you can start a note and simply just begin typing whatever it is that you want to. You're only bothered to categorize your document once you reach the end. So it doesn't have to be classified as a journal, note, poem, prose, song, or idea until you've written it and identified it as such.

Hopefully someone else will find this helpful. If you've already heard about Simplenote this post is definitely not for you. The Verge also did some articles about Simplenote and if you've already seen those then again this post is definitely not for you. But if you're a creative individual or just need a better note-taking solution then I'd recommend this app strongly.

Additionally, I hope I can inspire a few of the iOS enthusiasts here to post more on the apps that make iOS worth using, and a bit less about consumable posts like "blank copied blank" and "what will blank do".