Can surface 2 + remote desktop running AutoCAD, 3Dstudio,Photoshop,Illustrator ?

After I have watched a youtube about a guy using surfaceRT + remote desktop running everything from his pc.

It give me a reason now to buy myself a tablet (I always think tablet is such a waste of money compare to laptop)

I haven't studied the concept and how remote desktop are working yet and would like to ask you guy first.

Is it possible? Does the type of software make any different for remote desktop?

Thank you very much

(sorry about my English)

I just bought Lennovo Y580 on FEB which is my only personal computer and it runs all of those software with out any problem due to it spec. The reason I choose a laptop instead of a desktop because I prefer having 1 computer and want it to be with me 24/7.

Anyway carrying a 5.95 pounds here and there is not that fun + The surface would look more interesting that the Y580 when I present my work to the (even most of them are apple fan boy )