Windows Phone vs. IPhone vs. Android

I am not biased when it comes to which smartphone to use. I have a Nokia Lumia 822 and I have to say I LOVE it. Here is why:

• Live Tiles

• Extremely user friendly – minimal bugs, no step-by-step tutorials like Android

• Extremely Fluid and smooth animations ans expeicence

• Good looking UI and apps

• Fluid and well-made integration of email

• Microsoft Office + Skydrive = School work from my phone

• No Malware

• Amazing Xbox Games that are in HD

• Multitasking not just in the GDR3, but also in the release Mango which was a while back

• Integration between Xbox 360, Email, and Windows 8

Now my question is why all the hate? Why do most people hate Windows Phone? I have used an Iphone before including iOS7 and it looked like for lack of a better word sh*t. You hear people complaining about the number of apps Windows Phone Store has, but who downloads 500,000 apps on their phone. I have also used Android, I found the OS to be unresponsive and slow.