Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear 3: The best gadgets money can buy.

I was an avid Samsung hater. I just used to hate their repetitive phone designs. Even sad thing was people like to buy Samsung product in droves.

I hated Galaxy S3's look and I was very angry that with S4, Samsung tried to copy Apple by copying themselves.

But all of that was until I met these new kids on the block: Galaxy Note 3.& Galaxy Smartwatch.

Few days back I posted these thoughts of mine regarding smartwatch:

It really needed a live demo of both Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy smartwatch to realize how wrong I was.

Galaxy Note 3 is nothing like its predecessors. The beautiful rounded edges, rich and vivid 5.7" AMOLED Display & leather back were very pleasing to look and feel. I don't care about the flak that Touchwiz receives on the net, since I think its always possible to disable S apps, replace launcher with NOVA and install apps of your choice replacing those provided by Touchwiz. Plus you get the options of Memory card, Huge battery life and removable battery as well. All these makes me feel Samsung is really the only Android OEMs which actually knows how to build Android Smartphones.

Galaxy Watch is still not quite there but I am sure it's very much doing the job. Of Course it's just a watch if you tend to keep your phone inside your bag pack and forgot to carry your bag pack with you. But nevertheless its very capable of taking quick snaps though very limited in number. It can be a great companion during workouts, Can help me quickly adjust my equalizer for the music I am currently playing. Also it does some seem to be getting new apps like Evernote, Pocket, which makes me think Samsung wants to create an ecosystem of its own inside Android. Which overall is a very positive thing indeed.

So what keeps me away from using these top of line devices? The price.

The current pricing of the Note 3 and Smartwatch are way beyond the reach of many users considering how limited the smartwatch currently is. Did you try Galaxy Gear 3? What are your thoughts on price?