Expect Star Wars VII News on the 30th

For the past two Wednesdays in a row, the Star Wars Youtube channel has posted teaser trailers for the original films. A New Hope, followed by Empire Strikes Back. Logic says that this Wednesday, the 23rd, they will post the Return of the Jedi teaser trailer.

Now, that's enough to expect some kind of viral marketing campaign is brewing. But consider this: Wednesday the 30th is also the anniversary of the Lucasfillm sale to Disney and the announcement of Episode VII. Many Star Wars nuts have deduced that this is the day we'll get some kind of teaser trailer for VII. You may know that filming hasn't started yet, but the Empire trailer was just concept art with a voice over.

It's also possible they will just announce some news. Casting, exact release date, title, etc.

OR, they could just decide to troll us with the Phantom Menace teaser. But, I'm pretty sure Disney doesn't want to alienate Star Wars fans just yet.

What do you expect from October 30th?