Asus T100?

So..did only Anandtech get a review unit? The tablet was "released" a few days ago but seems to only people available in a few places - Amazon/Newegg/BestBuy show no stock or preorder. Only Anandtech has posted a review. Has anyone bought one from somewhere? And if so how is it?

I am considering ordering one as a larger tablet that I can still use as a laptop - I have another machine for heavy lifting, but I miss the smaller form factor of my old 11" Macbook Air. I mainly want to use it for simple web development and if possible Unity development for mobile, though the Atom may not be up for that. But those will be the heaviest tasks - otherwise it will just be normal tablet uses - web browsing, video, email, etc. If it could play a game like Torchlight 2 then that would be awesome.

I am waiting to see what Apple announces tomorrow, but I think I will end up ordering the T100. I am just wondering why there is so little information on this device...