This is the iWatch I've been waiting for....



I didn't see this posted here so I thought I would share. I've written a few post about this here before I'm not that good with 3D so I never a concept. But this Nike Fuel Band + iOS 7 is exactly what I envision an Apple wearable to look like.

A gender-neutral design that's low-profile and almost invisible on the wrist. Small-ish curved touch screen that won't eat up battery life but big enough to see notifications. Some may think reading on the band would be hard on a horizontal screen but as an owner of the Nike FuelBand it's not. You wouldn't bring your hand to your chest like a traditional watch, you hold your arm straight and manipulate the band with the opposite hand. Other have suggested putting the screen on the opposite side of the wrist (like some wear their watches) and use with your palm facing up. Either way it shouldn't be a big deal as I don't see the menus getting too deep anyway.

Thank God someone finally made something that doesn't like look a traditional watch (boring!).

Thoughts? Anybody willing to pay $199-$299 for something like this from Apple next year?