Nilay on the Apple TV.... No clue.

Just finished up the Vergecast. I couldn't believe how far Nilay was willing to go to push the idea of a 4k Apple TV. I've noticed lately he's been getting stuff wrong but man this was just dumb. I'm not going to go through all of the painfully obvious reasons Apple will not use 4k in their first TV set, Josh did that pretty well. For a top editor of a big tech focused site to get something so painfully wrong is quite disturbing. To be clear, I would love Apple to make a 4k set, but besides the technical problems (price, content, delivery), what in their history of 1st gen products would lead Nilay to believe they would do that? Anyway, I'd like the comments to focus on how we should have tech editors that are generally on point with smart (even if safe) predictions.

Oh, and I almost forgot about his take on a 12" Retina Air. This came from a rumor that Apple would shake up the laptop market again next year. Yet Nilay goes on a long spiel about how current tech just wouldn't allow it. The rumor states an Intel chip but a slightly forward looking Nilay could've guessed an Apple chip which could get 20 hours of battery in a new case, with Retina Display. If they can charge $499 for a 10" iPad with Retina then $999 for a 12" MacBook (or maybe a new name?) doesn't seem unreasonable. Anyway, again the point is he's so far off even when his co-host try to bring him back to reality. Not that Josh and the rest don't get stuff really wrong too. If you didn't catch this last episode you are missing a lot of what set me off. He just wouldn't let go of this stuff.