Apple has just kicked off its annual iPad event, and as usual Tim Cook is on stage talking numbers, just as he did at the start of last month's iPhone 5S and 5C launch. Cook says that more than 1 million apps are in the App Store, up from 900,00 at WWDC in June. More than 60 billion total apps have been downloaded, up from the big 50 billion milestone Apple announced back in May. That puts Apple about on par with the Android stats Google announced back in May at Google I/O. Those downloads have resulted in a total of $13 billion being paid out to developers over the years.

Cook also gave some details around iTunes Radio — more than 20 million users have tried it so far, with over 1 billion songs played. He also reiterated the 9 million iPhones sold the first weekend of launch, but we didn't get any more clarity on how many were the iPhone 5S vs. the 5C. A new bit of detail is the install rate of iOS 7 — Cook says that 200 million devices were running iOS 7, that marked 64 percent of all iOS devices.