Anyone else not liking the leaked 4.4 launcher?

I have a couple of problems with it:

1. Apparently, there won't be a middle homescreen anymore but it will work in a more iOS-style of first page, then second page on the right of the first page etc. That means that access to the rest of the homescreens will be rendered slower, since if you have a middle page with two pages on the left and two on the right, you can reach any of them in two swipes. In the other case. you would have to swipe four times to reach the fifth homescreen.

2. Google Now on the leftmost screen? WHY? It's currently just an easy swipe up from the navigation bar.

I realise that commenting on the launcher based on leaks is premature but it looks like those leaks are (at least) based on truth.

So, what are your thoughts?