Apple Remixes Samsung's Tablet Ad (Updated)

If you've seen the iPad Air ad in the Apple keynote, you'd probably find a resemblance here to a Samsung Galaxy Tab Ad:

Apple Pencil Ad:

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Thinner Tablet Ad

Now you might think this is a flame bait or a false accusation (and Samsung could probably not have been the first to create this kind of ad), but that's not my point. My point is that this ad is a remix of another ad and we should all be fine with remixes. It's been done before in the music industry, and in the tech industry in recent years. Apple has been accused of taking Android features, and vice versa for Android makers. The idea of placing the pencil in front of the iPad is fine, as long as it is not a blatant plagiarism of the original ad. It's different, more melancholic and elegant, devoid of conversation, compared to the playful ad with the father and son.

We all love ideas from other people, and it may sound like we are dishonest or uncreative if we don't create original work. As long as we create something new and interesting from a mashup of old ideas (and if better, create something genuinely better than anything that has been made before it, that should be socially acceptable.

I think we should accept "remixes" in the tech industry because it could lead to better products, and we should not complain or start a flame war when one company seems to have an unoriginal creation.