Apple website awesomeness

I remember a while ago someone in the forum asked, at what point of time Apple would upgrade their website to fit the style of iOS 7.

And while they have kept the old "header menu bar" (don't know how to call it) they have upgraded all the rest of the website, not only with gorgeous graphics and sort of fluid/interactive layouts, like for example the iPad Air and the iPhone 5C pages.

Let me give you two examples:

Apple's iPhone 5C page with iPhones keeping their place on the screen while the rest of the page moves:



The all new iPad Air page, where scrolling kind of moves you around the iPad (and it's features):



This kind of gorgeous websites makes my personal browsing, and thereby "getting to know a product" experience much more pleasant, and probably increases the likelihood that I buy something.

And that's what they want, right?

I would love you, to let me know, wether you like the new style of Apples website and what effect it has on you. Also I would like to know wether you've found any downsides the new style carries along!

P.S. I'm sorry for eventual language mistake, but I'm no native speaker, and I do my very best, so please don't grammar nazi me ;)