I'm actually excited for Apple...

I'm actually excited for Apple... in 2014

Personally, I haven't been blown away to go out and get the iPhone 5S or 5C and after the recent October event, I haven't felt the need to go out and get an iPad. The new MacBook Pros are pretty damn slim which is great and of course the Mac Pro is for professional$.

What I look forward to though is 2014, I'm expecting a lot from Apple then because there are somethings that need to really go to a new level. Despite being one of the most "popular" phones out there, it's time for a new, second category, iPhone. This is an iPhone for those that NEED and/or want 14-18 battery life. I don't care what Apple has to do to achieve this, if it's making a secondary iPhone that has a 5.5 inch display, so be it, just do it. Despite their battery claims, and claims from the likes of Anand, etc, etc, real world usage shows that it gets an average of 6 hours without charging. New battery tech is always on the horizon but we're not going to see that for a while but that doesn't mean we have to continue to suffer, just make a bigger battery and be done with it. When the new tech comes out, make them small again. I'm sure Apple can spin as the "Old-New iPhone" or something to that effect. In short, expecting new iPhone category with larger battery (most likely with larger screen which wouldn't hurt anyone or any hands).

Also looking forward to their wearable tech because it will definitely be something subtle before it because something all out crazy with tons of features. As their recent hires have shown, they want to get the design/look right so that people will actually want to wear it. The features of whatever it will do with your devices are going to be the "bonus". I've never been a big watch person but I'd definitely like one if designed to look nice and some tech in it.

While I would like the iTV to be real in 2014, I just don't see it happening yet. The cartel or sorry, the television networks aren't going to let go of their death-grip they have on the industry. Which is exactly how the music industry was with Apple but now they sing it's praises. Apple still has to do a lot of behind the scenes work before the iTV becomes real.

So, what are you looking forward to from Apple? What are you excited about? Are you not excited? Tell us!