Average Completion Times for Games (Best site?)

Hey gamers,

I came across a couple of sites that allow users to enter game completion times, then it gives averages and other stats, etc. The 2 that I've come across so far are:



Unfortunately, I'm finding that they both lack stats for some games or that their data is skewed but outlier data (that should be removed for statistical analysis). Example: Someone enters an over-the-top completion time like 150 hours, when the rest are around 10-20 hours. These are either people that are just idiots, or they entered the amount of time they've played, including multiplayer time or something, not just completion of the story/campaign mode.

I SHOULD mention that between the 2 sites, I can typically get a general idea, but I'd like to contribute by joining a site... just ONE site.

Does anyone use these sites? Is there a better site I don't know about? I'd love to hear any recommendations about this topic, thanks!