Naming your iDevices?

I've always labeled my computer SATURN and various peripherals after it's many moons. Silly, I guess but I find it useful and fun. Even more fun when I can laser etch the names on them like many iDevices.

for instance:

iphone - TELESTO

ipad - IAPETUS

apple tv - TARVOS

ext harddrives - TITAN, ATLAS

airport - ENCELADUS

airport express for music and travel - PANDORA

i could go on... but now that ipad mini will be retina I'm ready to get one for an ipad that is more portable... my dilemma is what moon to name it after? (first world problems) There are a lot of moons of Saturn but I want something apt or cool sounding.... not ready to dip into the Norse god moons yet :/

any ideas?

plus anyone else do this? share :)