Help Me Choose: Xperia Z1 or Lumia 1020

I'm currently split between these 2 phones. I'm posting this here in hopes in getting something a little less impartial then in Goggle or Microsoft specific forums.

I've held both (at a Sony Store and a Microsoft store) and I really like both devices. I didn't have any issues with size or in hand feel or either device. Playing with the camera, the Lumia definitely has a better camera (I wasn't surprised by this and I'm not sure what firmware version each phone was using) and I actually do like the Windows Phone interface but the Z1 wins for apps, water and dust proofing, and the Z1 camera is great as well. I'm currently an AT&T family plan customer and I've been using unlocked phones on the $10 unlimited medianet plan for a while but I've heard that AT&T has finally shut the door for future devices. The Z1 in the states is sold without LTE, which I really don't care if I have LTE or not but if AT&T is going to charge me for smartphone dataplan it seems like a waste to only have HSPA+. I would happily use it on the slower but cheaper unlimited medianet plan if they would let me. I could look into switching to T-Mobile but talking to all my family to make a switch might be more trouble than its worth. Also while I was impressed with T-Mobile's free 2G international (since I will be traveling across Asia for 4 months), their 3G international data packages are way more expensive than AT&T. I'm not a huge camera person so whichever device I choose will probably be my main camera when traveling. With the Z1 I could get some cool beach/underwater shots, while the zoom on the Lumia is pretty amazing.

My other devices are currently a Windows 8.1 Desktop (built myself), a Nexus 7 (2013), and a Galaxy S (yes the first generation model lol) Before that I had an Xperia X1, when I got the Galaxy I switched from Microsoft to Google services.

Xperia Z1

  • Pros - Android, Thinner, Bigger Screen
  • Cons - Big device, $650 unlocked, Hard to find LTE Model
  • Other - Switch to T-Mobile? AT&T without LTE? Try to import from Canada?

Lumia 1020

  • Pros - Better Camera, Windows Phone Interface, $150 on contract, Smaller device, Easy to find/buy
  • Cons - Less Apps/Games, I wouldn't say I'm tied down to Google apps but it would be hard to switch, tied down to a 2 year contract