Is there an x86 iPad Pro coming (eventually)?

Hey Core,

After today's events, several people noted the parallels between the Mac and iPad branding lines, except for the missing iPad Pro. While two similar iPad names don't necessarily mean a Pro is in the offing, it does present an interesting scenario. Will an iPad which can run OSX programs be coming soon?

Full disclosure: I generally prefer MS products, but, like everyone else, appreciates what Apple does. I mention it because it does color my perspective as you will soon see and to say I am not trolling. I wanted to post this here because you know better if it were possible and could also opine on if you would want one.

When scheduling events, Apple sometimes appear to tip their hand about who they consider a threat. While typically all companies' events seem to come in spurts, Apple seems always to schedule theirs right after a major competitors, knowing they will swallow all the headlines (deservingly so too, Apple in a headline is always good for extra clicks).

Today, they stomped right on Nokia and the Surface's launch date. Now, I understand events of this magnitude take planning and you may not be able book your presentation, which for Apple isn't dependent on a specific venue, in time. In that case, I'll just take my tinfoil hat and go home. But, if the former were true, it means Apple is acknowledging MS as a threat down the road. Since MS isn't one - at all - now, could they be thinking that MS may be onto something by cramming the full Windows 8 into a tablet?

That said, would you want an x86 iPad Pro that an OSX programs too? Being Apple, we're going to assume their accessories (keyboard, mouse/trackpad) will be stellar. And for the technical folks out there, would that even be feasible?

One caveat: Please don't cite previous comments by Apple staff regarding such a product. We all know they will say a market is useless until the enter it (see: iPad mini).