I'll save you the trouble. Surface Pro 2 is disappointing.

Our Core i7 laptop died. It was my wife's primary computer and I wanted to replace a Windows device with a Windows device but here are the reasons why I will probably go with the Dell laptop line instead:

  1. The moment I booted it up and tried to install Chrome it started having touchscreen issues. (It wasn't bringing up the typing field in Chrome)


    via i.imgur.com

  2. My wife yelled at me when she found out it cost over $1,000 especially when so many good devices exist around $500.
  3. Battery life is weak in real life use (it also wakes up slow unlike the iPad or Nexus 10 since it's x86 and not ARM)
  4. It might technically have some of the big apps but even the big ones like NFL Game Rewind are buggy and lack the functionality of the iOS/Android versions.
  5. My wife also laughed when she saw how much clunkier it looked compared to the iPad or Nexus 10 (as demonstrated below)Apple-ipad-4-vs-microsoft-surface-pro-vs-google-nexus-10-side-540x334_medium
  6. How does Windows not have voice dictation/Search when the other platforms have had it for so long?