Should I go into software development?

Hello everyone,

I am currently a freshman in college majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Computer Science. I just wanted to get your opinions on whether or not I should delve further in computer science and replace my PR major with it. I know it's hard for you all to tell me what do decide since you don't know much about me, but let me help:

I, like most of you, love technology and follow it religiously.

My dream is to work for a startup company in New York or San Francisco. I don't care how narrow-minded that may sound. I've watched the Small Empires series and that only fortified by yearning for that field.

I am not so good at math. This alone has kept me from majoring in CS because the major requires Calculus and Physics.

Anyway, I just wanted to hear from those of you in the engineering/software development field and your experiences.

Thanks guys!