Acer C720 vs HP Chromebook 11 in design

I've seen several side by side reviews of the Acer C720, and HP Chromebook 11. They all say that the 11 has much better design than the C720, but I don't understand, and don't have any stores near by where I can compare them in person. Here's what I don't understand:

  1. I thought we had all agreed matte plastic is better than glossy plastic, yet the 11 is praised for being glossy, but the matte on the C720 is not liked
  2. The 11 has a black bezel around the screen of the white device, I always though this looked terrible.
  3. the 11's screen is glossy, I feel a laptop should have a matte screen, like the C720's
  4. Color options are nice, but the random accents on the white 11 look weird to me.
  5. Why is the bottom so important? Every review of the 11 points out the wonderful rubber pads on the bottom of the 11, but complain about the grills and exposed screws (gasp!) on the bottom of the C720.
  6. Why has no one complained about the 11 looking just like the old plastic Macbooks? the C7 is original at least.
The light bar on the 11, and lack or logos on the lid are nice, and the hinge on the C720 does look odd to me, and The speaker grills on the front are unwanted, but the C720 still wins in my book. If you have seen both, am I right, or am I missing something because I have only seen pictures?