Here is me hoping Microsoft Will take good care of Nokia's Employees..

Watching all those Amazing differentiator App's like Lytro, Storyteller, Nokia Camera, Glace Screen Images, Glance screen notifications, Maps, wonderful displays on phones, Greatest Phone cameras only one thought comes to my mind.


Lets face it. Without Nokia, WP would have been no good to me. In fact many people in my country buy it just because its a Nokia and do not even know that it runs Windows Phone.

I use Nokia Maps a lot and I love the fact that navigation system is just perfect in my country. I never get lost and the fact that it works offline, makes it a great asset. Great Asset since the 2G is very slow & there is no 3G in the place where I live!

I love using Nokia Music and I feel its probably the most underrated app in the whole world. I hear about people spending $10 on Spotify, Pandora etc, but here is Nokia Music which gives you offline music, latest albums, Mixes which are just amazing.

Now with all those differentiator apps coming to WP from Nokia & regular apps as well, I am just worried that Microsoft will try to fire these employees to reduce costs and reduce Nokia to just a brand entity.

Nokia & Elop have got Windows Phone & Microsoft something which would never have been possible without them. Nokia Employees have pushed the limit and even pushed MS to include those usability improvements like call blocking, FM radio etc on WP platform. Will all of this just end? Will we never see a Nokia innovation on WP again after the deal? Will MS do a Google, which is just on the verge of writing down its Motorola purchase?