iCloud alternatives?

Good day everyone!

I bought my first Mac 1 year ago (a 2012 13" Macbook Pro), which I love. However, I'm not completely convinced by the entirety of Apple's product line-up. iOS, in particular, made prefer the Nexus 4 over the iPhone for reasons which exceed the purpose of this post (and which I will gladly ellaborate in the comments if I feel there's a healthy discussion going).

Nevertheless, there's always a degree of compromise in not fully adopting a particular ecosystem. In this case, I believe that what I miss the most would be iCloud and all its different functionalities. As such, I would like to ask the Android users of Apple Core: how do you mimick iCloud's services? Google allows online storage, note keeping, collaborative docs, calendar, contacts, Chrome-tab syncing, and music-related services similar to Spotify. In the new future, Hangouts will also rival iMessage in all its functionality. But what other options do you know? Do you prefer Keep or Evernote? Drive or Dropbox? WhatsApp or Hangouts? What products am I unaware of? And finally, do you use any apps to interact with these services? (ie: OS X's Contacts to access Google Contacts, some unknown App to access a particular Google service)