Reasons to choose Surface Pro 2

I am currently considering the adquisition of a Surface, and I have made myself this question: why should I spend a couple hundred more for a suface pro 2, being the first generation avaiable?

Exceptuating battery life (which I dont need) and the new covers, I can't see any significant improvement that justifies the cost. I understand that it has big improvements for travelers or people who demand a tablet-like battery life, but for a 'portable workstation' use, they are almost similar (the model with similar RAM and HARD DRIVE), and I'm sure a refurbished one will be even a better deal. So, are you able to convince me to choose the next generation? Am I missing something?

( I'm not questioning the Surface as a device, I am only asking for important reasons to choose the second generation over the first, so no trolling anti-Surface comments please)