2-step verification

Hi all,

Firstly (not relevant to my topic) is the verge website appearing weird to any of you? Things like the header fonts and aligned weird and it generally looks a bit messy, running chrome on win7 here.

Anyway, 2-step verification: I'm all for it as on paper it works very well, and I just discovered the authenticator apps which means that if I don't have any signal on my phone, I can still use it to access my account. However, what if my battery is dead or my phone is lost or stolen, these scenarios are unlikely however, I'm wondering what services like outlook email and gmail do if you've not got access to your phone? Do they operate the security question or is that only used if you don't enable 2-step verification? I heard that google ask questions like who do you email most regularly on gmail and when did you set up your account... neither of which I can recall off the top of my head.

The reason I ask is because I want to enable it but I am hesitant should I be abroad or can't use my phone for the aforementioned reasons.