Should Microsoft allow consumers running XP or Win 7 to Upgrade to Win 8.1 for free/cheap.

One of the problems with Microsoft's strategy is that they are not actively encouragingly users to upgrade to the latest operating system and use the new app ecosystem. Corporations are just now standardizing on Windows 7 and except for a few firms will wait a couple years to roll-out Windows 8.1. Consumers do not want to pay close to a hundred dollars to upgrade XP, Vista or Windows 7 which limits the growth of Microsoft's Windows 8.1 ecosystem. You would think that Microsoft would offer a $25-$40 upgrade price to move more consumers to their newest OS. This would in turn drive developers to quickly publish apps to reach the maximum number of consumers. I have wanted to try developing an app using Visual Studio 2013, but it requires the latest OS and all my other computers (except for my RT tablet) are running Windows 7. I would upgrade one or two of them if it was a $35 upgrade, but not willing to spend over a $100 just to upgrade to the latest OS when Windows 7 works fine. I think Microsoft needs to look seriously at their upgrade pricing which seems a little bit out of touch with what is currently going on in the market (android-free, Maverick-free). The benefit to Microsoft is locking consumers into their ecosystem and using their services.