Premium minimalist and/or leather iPhone 5s Cases


Recently got me a new iphone 5s. I usually don't prefer to put cases on my phone because I think it adds too much bulk and takes away from the aesthetic of the phone. I've seen some pretty minimalist looking cases for iphone 5s out there. I take very good care of my phones and not the careless type to drop my phone so not looking for some ultra construction or gel cases.

So my question to you guys is if you know of any slim minimalist case or a good looking leather case. I've read some reviews on these super thin cases and while they look good and add very little to no bulk to the phone all of them seem to have this problem of micro-scratching the inside and sides of the phone. I have the gray/black version which seems to show scratches more so than the other colors.

So yeah let me hear what minimalist/good looking/slim case you're rocking.